Hydrangea as a houseplant

We know the hydrangea, also known as Hydrangea, as an outdoor plant and as a cut flower. But did you know that you can use hydrangea as a houseplant? The beautiful flowers in red, purple, pink, white, blue or green immediately brighten up your living room.

Hydrangea indoors
The hydrangea is a very popular plant for the home, but also as a gift. It is a real eye-catcher not only in the garden or on the terrace, but also indoors. The plant immediately catches the eye because of the huge bulbs with small flowers. On the dining room table, in the kitchen or the bedroom; the hydrangea provides colour, cosiness, style and romance at the same time! Although we have to wait until the summer months in the garden, the hydrangea is already in full bloom indoors.

The hydrangea was discovered as a houseplant in Japan in 1784 by the Swedish botanist Carl Thunberg. In Europe, the hydrangea was warmly received for its ability to change color spontaneously, which made this plant thought to be magical. This great mystery was solved when it was discovered that the discoloration of the flowers is due to the acidity of the soil. The hydrangea is an ideal plant for creative variations. For example, create a cheerful sea of ​​flowers with three hydrangeas in pink, white and blue on the table. Moreover, you will enjoy your creation for a long time, because this bloomer will last for weeks.

Different types of
There are various types of hydrangeas, such as the well-known bulbous plants, edge bloomers, lilac-shaped bloomers, double-colored and continuous flowering types.

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